Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

I had an odd dream last night. Oh, well. How are you all today? Pleasant weekend? Me, myself and I are totally bitten! Yes, bitten. Thursday afternoon my family decided to go on a picnic to Iteen. Beautiful green spot, lovely weather, zaatar tea (thyme), and kites. Perfect, right? NOT. Let me introduce you to picnickers' worst enemy: *drumroll* The EVIL Airnoot! (3airnoot)...
So, here's how it works. You get to a perfect picnic spot, ok? (see picture - this was our picnic spot)
You get your chairs out of the car, spread the mat, bring out the tea, cookies; whatever you brought. Get the kids set up with their kites or their ball. Everyone settles down in their chairs and sighs. Everything is perfect. Then .... suddenly (and I'm really serious here. We're talking a few seconds) .. 3 million little insect-type-monsters attack you. They're so tiny you can't even see them. They head for your eyes, your nose, your mouth. You get up, shout, wave your hands around like a maniac, scream; and that excites them even more. You spend two or three minutes fighting for your life, then you quickly pack up your picnic and run for your life. You spend the next twenty minutes speeding in a pathetic attempt to get the remaining monsters out of your car. Here's how I imagine it:
A group of Airnoots sitting on a rock polishing their little wings:
Airnoot One: Dude, I'm like so bored.
Airnoot Two: Yeah, tell me about it man.
Car drives up. We (humans) start getting out.
Airnoot One: Hey! Joey, look! Humans!
Airnoot Two: Wha? Where?
Airnoot One: Over there! In that ugly big Nissan Armada!
Airnoot Two (jumping up and clapping its wings): Yay! A-C-T-I-O-N, baby!
Airnoot One: Ok, let's call the Chief and rest of the group.
Airnoots assemble in front of rock. Chief Airnoot speaks.
Cheif Airnoot: Fellow, Airnooties, humans have just landed on our planet Iteen. We must defend our space from these creatures. Wait until they unload the car before you attack. When they sit down and expose the food (loud cheer), Team A will attack the humans, and Team B will head to the food. Am I clear?
Airnooties: Sir, yes, sir!
Cheif Airnoot: Ok, everyone, get ready to rumble. They are now exposing ... oh, WOW, a huge platter of Basboosa!! Oh, our lucky day! Ok, ATTACK!
So, you see what I mean, right? Ok, end of my Airnoot drama. While we were escaping from Planet Airnoot, I caught this photo of a Cotton Candy Boy:

The Cotton Candy Boy phenomena started quite recently, only a couple of years back I think. Wherever you go in the mountains area or picnic areas, you see one of these young boys, usually barefoot, selling you plastic bags of cotton candy. I find it a little depressing, but does anyone know if these boys are benefitting? Are they making any money? Is it helping them?

Just thoughts. It's raining outside. Have a great day.


  1. Poor Candy Boys, I feel that they are still making money at least for their pocket money. I wonder if they have Anti-Airnoot system! Need to find out!!

  2. I think mountain people have Anti-Airnoot Immunity. Otherwise, how could they live in the mountains?!

  3. so, what was the odd dream?
    ADG (who is 3airnoot-immune)

  4. ADG girl! How CAN you be 3airnoot-immune when you don't even live in Dhofar? My odd dream ... I was in a European country arguing with a group of people about cats!

  5. So that is what the little buggers are called. I hated them.

    -Omani in US

  6. Sounds like the gnats at my parents house. They are so tiny but leave huge red welts when they bite! The picnic site is so beautiful though!

  7. I see this boy at this certain place all the time. I'm surprised he wasn't selling kites too. He usually does. I would say, he doesn't make a fortune, however he gets something out of it.

    The Airnot only come out during khareef, when everything is all green, isn't that the time when the Jeballis move to the city/town or something?

  8. Jebbalis usually have two farms. One for the winter and one for the monsoon. They spend the winter up in the mountains and when the monsoon starts, they move (and all their animals) down to the 'lower farm' at the base of the mounains where the animals won't die from cold! (it's too slippery/muddy/cold/wet) up in the mountains.

  9. LOL! My first visit here. Hello Nadia. I have no clue what type of creatures Airnoots are, but I see they are perfect blog material for you. :)

    Nice Posts. I am sort of in a time crunch so I can not stay long. But awesome pics. Esp that of the mountains.. all misty and mysterious.. wow.. awesome.

    I think I am becoming a big fan of salalah. :)

    Nice to know your blog (for obviously, you do not want us to know about u ;) ). Jus' kidding..

    will be back soon to read more.

  10. These Airnoots reminded me of gnats - except gnats don't bite, but they do swarm around your head and can get pretty annoying.

    I've seen those cotton candy kids here in Muscat quite a lot too. I think a bag is 100bz - and knowing that cotton candy is exceptionally cheap to produce, I'd imagine that the profits are probably in the range of 50bz /bag and so maybe the kids make 25bz a bag profit. At a guess.

  11. Sythe .. sounds logical. I wonder who is the grand provider of all the stuff! I've never seen a Cotton Candy maker in town!

  12. Nadia- Strong genes? ;o) lol no idea, but I rarrrrely get bitten, actually i don't remember getting bitten

    p.s. do you do special dedication posts? i have an idea ''types of baraq3 in dhofar''-ADG

  13. ADG ... send me whatever info you have and ideas for the post, and I'll publish it, dedicated to my doppelganger! Some of my best ideas come from my readers

  14. haha ok i don't have much info..was just thinking of tossing the idea over to u and let u run with the creative direction :-D

    But some thoughts:
    1) who wears them who doesnt
    2) fashion statements
    3) different styles/types depending where ur from
    4) recent developments (wear them more, less)
    5) burq3 in 5 years time
    6) whats good about them, whats bad
    7) personal petpeeves about them

    *hugs the doppelganger*

  15. Can we discuss the 'second head' too?
    حجاب بو نفخة؟

  16. Indeed lumping them results in a logical sequence.

  17. Maybe I should have a series of posts called 'Dhofari Fashion'. Another reader suggested I write about how Dhofari men love to 'طقم' with their clothes and have matching colors. You suggest burqas. Maybe we can do a series! And my Marilyn Manson Makeup post can be one of them. Hmmm.... thanks for the inspiration.

  18. haha yup i see a start to something great cha-changg

  19. LOL Nadia I'm sorry but it was funny imagining you and your family packing up your stuff and running towards the car :P.

  20. My husband says say alhamdulillah "kharnoot" didnt bite u lol. He says those lil kharnoots are worse than airnoots.

    I loves the drama scene btwn the airnoots and the humans, ever thought of making it into a play ?

    hiyyach Allah